Technical Session I

“Institutional Competence in Building Global Education Hub” Chairman of Session: Shri. Habib Hussain, Chairman, Leather Sector Skill Council
Public - Private Platforms for HR needs
Shri. Ajit Mathai – Director, Deloitte Solutions, Chennai

International Co-operation for Capacity Building - A Case Study
Shri. Wondu Legesse , Director General, Leather Industries Development Institute, Ethiopia

World-Wide Hub of Leather Education
Dr. T. Ramasami, Former Secretary , DST and DG, CSIR

Technical Session II

“Future Trends in Leather Manufacture” Chairman of Session: Dr. Mwinyikione Mwinyihija, Executive Director of COMESA Leather and Leather Products Institute, Africa

Design and Layout of Futuristic Green Leather Factories
Shri. Ramesh Kora , MD, KORA Shoes Pvt. Ltd

Futuristic Technologies for Leather Manufacture
Shri. P. Saravanan , Senior Principal Scientist, CSIR-CLRI

Environmental Sustainability Vital for the Growth of Leather Industry
Shri. A. Sahasranaman IAS, Chairman, CEMCOT

Plausible Shift in Product Diversity
Dr. B. Madhan, Senior Scientist, CSIR-CLRI

Technical Session III

“Value Added Technologies” Chairman of Session: Shri. Charles Ndungu, Acting CEO, Kenya Leather Development Council

Leathers for Niche Segment
Shri. Abhinandan Kumar, Senior Scientist, CSIR-CLRI

Wastewater Treatment with Minimum Sludge Disposal
Dr. G. Sekaran , Chief Scientist, CSIR-CLRI

Footwear for Overweight / Obese individuals
Shri. S. Mathivanan, Senior Principal Scientist, CSIR-CLRI

Syntans for Versatile Leathers
Dr. R. Aravindhan , Scientist, CSIR-CLRI

Innovative Entrepreneurial Models for Leather Sector
Shri. Siddharth Vij, Shri. Chaitanya Rathu and Shri. Siddharth Rastogi, Shoe- konnect